Digital Signage

Promoting your business with Sedao Digital Signage is an effective way to engage with guests and customers.

Share content from Sedao's user friendly online platform to engage and inform your audiences.

Easily create visitor messages and wayfinding information that incorporate live feeds, social media streams and many other media formats.

All businesses need to communicate. Sedao digital signage solutions are designed to make managing and displaying your information simple across large format displays, helping to promote your message and compliment your sales activities.

What our Hospitality clients say:

Sedao has given us a great platform to engage our customers. The solutions provides us easy means to create and publish different content to multiple stores.

Charlotte Banister – Marcomms, El Mexicana


Sedao’s digital display solutions are ideally suited to hospitality offering easy ways to engage visitors for your hotel or other hospitality premise.

Our hotel digital signage displays integrate with all media and support all formats including text, video, news feeds, websites and audio. This allows you to provide a wealth of information to visitors in an engaging and visually appealing manner.

Our digital displays are fully customisable to your premises with large format displays, mounting brackets and free standing kiosk displays, room booking systems and interactive touchscreen displays. From providing welcome information to conference room screens our systems help you communicate more effectively. The most common uses for our digital display systems within the hospitality sector are:


Creating a warm and welcoming front of house experience with hotel lobby digital signage helps you to welcome new visitors. Additionally screens placed in rooms, bars and restaurants help you provide valuable information to guests as well as provide opportunities for increasing sales, whether you are advertising spa services, room services or local attractions.


Conference Room Digital Screens

Conference room digital screens can be used to direct and welcome attendees as well as preprogrammed with speaker timetables, promotional materials and advertising. Our software allows conference organisers to quickly upload key information for you to disseminate, increasing the services you can offer.


Room Booking Systems

In hotels with shared facilities, meeting rooms and conference rooms, booking systems allow you to direct visitors and clearly signpost which rooms are booked. Our software allows this to all be centrally managed from a single media server reducing admin time.


Creative Marketing and Communication Opportunities


Our hospitality digital signage solutions enable you to create media displays in a wide variety of formats to communicate and market more effectively. Our software solutions provide limitless creative marketing opportunities including:

Service Advertising

Easily create and distribute advertising for your hospitality services with hundreds of ready made templates or design your own. Choose when and how to display your adverts across your display network and entice your customers into using more services.

Event Calendars

Quickly inform visitors of events across your premises with our brandable event calendars making it easy to quickly display information for the duration of visitors stays. Calendars automatically highlight and showcase key events to engage your visitors.

Safety Information

Communicate health and safety information, update visitors on fire safety and other information to increase the safety and security of your guests.

News Feeds

Add the latest live news and hotel news to a feed system that can rotate to display information to your guests. Add RSS live news from news providers to keep guests informed.


Our systems allow you to set up bulletin alerts and emergency messages for instant communication across your premises. Quickly update your visitors in the event of an emergency or if you need to quickly convey information.

Integrated Hardware and Software Solutions

We will work with you closely to plan and integrate a hardware and software solution that helps you market to and communicate with your customers more effectively.

Our solutions include:

Large Format Displays

From hotel lobby digital signage solutions to welcome your visitors to in room displays integrated with information and TV services our large format displays are designed to offer you unique ways to communicate.

Media Players

Our media players and servers let you centrally manage all communications and allow you to customise each individual display or group of displays on the network. This allows you to quickly change information on your screens and create separate marketing messages for rooms, lobbies, conference rooms and other areas.

Interactive Screens/Touch Screen Displays

Interactive and touch screen displays can be used to create interactive experiences for your visitors. From providing menus and ordering systems to local information and service information create portals to engage your customers.

Market Leading Software

Our software allows you to quickly create and manage visual displays and includes a variety of content options from images, video and text to calendars, message bars, digital clocks and news feeds.