Room Booking

SedaoLive Rooms  

Versatile enterprise room booking system

SedaoLive Rooms is a room booking solution that adds value to your organisation from start to finish.

Improve meeting room booking efficiency with a centrally managed room booking solution that enables you to book from your desktop PC calendar or live at the source.

Enhance your room booking solution and integrate it into your Sedao digital signage network to display instant messages, broadcast promotions and communicate with staff.

Room booking has never been so easy or so versatile.

Room Booking

Key Features

SedaoLive Rooms, enabling complete desktop to display room booking management.

Personalise your display

Editable templates for personalised branding to suit your company or visitors.

Delivering your message

When not displaying the room booking information, the displays can be used as digital signage screens to present promotional messages and instant emergency announcements.

Availability status display

Panels display availabilty with visible lighting showing red when in use, orange when booked and waiting to be claimed, and green when available.

On selected templates the meeting room schedule displays on the screen to enable viewers at the source to see future room booking schedules at a glance.

Improve the meeting experience

Book rooms via Microsoft Exchange or Outlook 365 calendar for planned meeting, or at the source with on the touch panel for on the fly adhoc collaborative opportunities.

All types of sectors

Room booking system suited for all types of sectors including business, conference, training and education.

All the features of SedaoLive

Integrate with SedaoLive, to enjoy the benefits of Sedao's leading edge Cloud based digital signage management platform.

Choose from a range of layout templates and personalise the templates to incorporate animated text, image slideshows, movies, clocks, news feeds and much more.



10-inch high resolution (1280x800) - Active Area 216.96H x 135.6W

Built-in WiFi and Ethernet Port

Input Voltage 12V/2A - Power over Ethernet

CPU Octa-core cortex - A53 1.5GHz, RockChip, RK3368

USB, Micro USB, RJ45, Serial Port, DC - Audio/Video Interface HDMI

Captive Touch - 10 Points

2GB RAM, 8GB internal memory storage

Red/Green LED Lighting

Wall mounting bracket


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Room Booking


Connect your SedaoLive CLOUD digital signage to your SedaoLive Rooms display to send instant alerts. Find out more.

Room Booking


Book via Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange or at the source.  Ideal for planning ahead or adhoc meetings on the run.

Room Booking


Clearly displays red for booked and green for available.  Add value and display digital signage messages when not in use. Find out more.

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