SedaoLive Local CMS

SedaoLive Local CMS

Manage your entire digital signage communications from your own secure network SedaoLive Local CMS.

Developed for environments where organisational technical security guidelines restrict deployment of a CLOUD software solution.

SedaoLive Local CMS

Key Features

Secure on-site solution for displaying engaging digital communications. 

Dynamic easy to use.

Intuitive interface for every day users for quick easy updates on internal or customer facing information.

Incorporate different media formats.

SedaoLive supports many different media formats, enabling you to display content from other platforms, including PDFs and Microsoft PowerPoint files.

External web pages can also be displayed, along with social media and live news feeds.


Secure, Create and Control

SedaoLive Local CMS


Secure on-site network to create
and display.

SedaoLive Local CMS


Connect your Sedao Media Player to your digital signage display. Find out more.

SedaoLive Local CMS


Control your digital display from your desktop with Sedao Live.

SedaoLive Local CMS

Complete all in one solution for your organisation.

  • Centrally managed in secure network
  • Sub editor permissions feature
  • Multiple media format capabilities
  • Email technical support



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Digital Signage Benefits

Controlled with a dedicated remote log-in via any internet connected device for editing from any site location.

User friendly contemporary interface with free templates.

Connect and control multiple screens across multiple sites for a growing network.

Low cost to manage small or large installations.

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