SedaoLive Cloud

SedaoLive Cloud

Manage your displays from an online Cloud account using any internet connected device.

With SedaoLive Cloud you have the flexibility to control all of your digital signage displays with a simple, drag and drop interface.

Make editing changes, move/resize/delete multimedia zones to personalise your presentations.

SedaoLive Cloud

Key Features

Choose from a range of modern templates with varying multimedia zones, including built in time and date widgets.

Fully customisable templates.

Add your logo, colour scheme and theme image to the templates for a personalised display or create your own unique layout using the Sedao design software.

Incorporate different media formats.

SedaoLive Cloud supports many different media formats, enabling you to display content from other platforms, including PDFs and Microsoft PowerPoint files.

External web pages can also be displayed, along with social media and live news feeds.


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create, connect and control

SedaoLive Cloud

sedao live cloud

Create your Sedao Live Cloud account and choose the plan that's right for you.

SedaoLive Cloud

media player

Connect your Sedao Media Player to your digital signage display. Find out more.

SedaoLive Cloud


Control your digital display from your desktop with Sedao Live Cloud.

SedaoLive Cloud Premium Plans

SedaoLive offers various plans designed to suit your specific requirements and applications.

Premium Plans include:

  • Support for multiple Media Players
  • Different levels of cloud based storage



Digital Signage Benefits

Stored on a secure cloud to keep your network available for other applications and allow virtual access.

SedaoLive CLOUD is ideal for single or multiple site applications with any number of screen displays.

Controlled with a dedicated remote log-in via any internet connected device for editing from any site location.

User friendly contemporary interface with free templates.

Connect and control multiple screens across multiple sites for a growing network.

Low cost to manage small or large installations.

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