Digital signage tools ensure informed audiences

Digital signage tools ensure informed audiences

As Coronavirus COVID-19 impacts communities across the globe, and we are still coming to terms to understand the ramifications the virus will have on any or all aspect of our lives in the future, essential and public services organisations are being relied upon to keep staff, visitors and customers informed.

It is during such a challenging time as this that digital signage becomes one of the most important tools for keeping large audiences informed.  Whether screens are deployed in the workplace, staff room, school campus, retail store, public transport or outdoors, these screens are the vehicle for broadcasting important health and safety announcements.

Digital signage tools ensure informed audiences
Multi-zone technology

Using multizone technology, organisations can live stream news reports, Government and World Health Organisation safety recommendations and restrictions, display posters on hygiene best practise and other health tips, and internal communications such as hours, safety procedures and more.

Cloud signage

With cloud digital signage capable of being updated across any number of locations simultaneously, and being both quick and easy to use, it is a cost-effective solution to assist in the dissemination of information. 

Even those deemed non-essential staff who are working from home can keep essential colleagues up to date with information as cloud digital signage can be edited from any internet connected device making it ideal for managing ongoing communications.


In many regions, organisations with essential staff are still able to deploy digital signage solutions* so it is an ideal time to consider how you can use digital signage tools to keep your essential worker and the greater audience informed.

UK based global distributor Sedao Digital Signage has continued to support existing and new customers with ongoing dispatch of products, along with a keep safe poster campaign that enables customers to display posters relevant to the medical situation we are faced with.

The posters include thanking key workers, medical advice instructions and positive thinking phrases.  “Supporting our customers during this time is important, and our team created these posters which we are providing free of charge”, said product marketing manager, Helen Kenniff.

For further information on Sedao products or posters, visit

*Please check your local Government directions and/or restrictions.

Supporting our customers during this time is important, and our team created these posters which we are providing free of charge.