How to rebrand your pre installed layouts

If you would like to see a gallery of the layouts that are come pre installed on your SWEP player then pelase click here. For instrustion on how to rebrand these please instuctions and movie below.

  1. Login to the SWEP interface - contact your network administrator for your login details
  2. Select 'change Signage Branding' from the main menu
  3. Click Load from under logo window and navigate to your logo
  4. Click Load from under Photo 1 window and navigate to your first image
  5. Click Load from under Photo 2 window and navigate to your second image
  6. Click in the select colour box and then either:
    • Move the sliders within the pop up window to choose your colour or
    • Hover over your chosen logos or images to pick a colour
  7. Click submit

All your layouts have now been rebranded and can be viewed through ImageFlyer using keys a-z and 1-9 on your keyboard

For more SWEP help please vist our SWEP support section here.

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