How to a Powerpoint file in ImageFlyer

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Other useful PowerPoint information

PowerPoint files (.ppt and .pptx) are control files for the Microsoft PowerPoint application and playing PowerPoint files within ImageFlyer uses your own installation of the Microsoft PowerPoint application (for which a license is required).

Microsoft PowerPoint is not designed for use in 24/7, multi-zone digital signage application; neither is it designed to be controlled by third party applications (such as ImageFlyer).

Direct Play-out of native Microsoft PowerPoint files within ImageFlyer is provided for your convenience and neither Microsoft nor Sedao can accept support calls or any liability related to using PowerPoint within ImageFlyer.

Below are some frequently asked questions in relation to using PowerPoint within Sedao ImageFlyer.

Why are my Power Point Presentations failing to play or playing incorrectly?

Please ensure you have PowerPoint Viewer 97, PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2007 installed on your SWEP computer. Please ensure your version of ImageFlyer supports PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations must be set to automatically progress during a slideshow.  Please consult your ImageFlyer and/or PowerPoint manual for more information.

Can I use PowerPoint files in my presentation?

Sedao does not recommend using PowerPoint in your digital signage system as it is not designed to be used as a 24/7 presentation application. We recommend that you export your slides as static images and insert them as a folder of images within ImageFlyer that can then be configured to use simple transition animations to make the information more eye catching.  Sedao provide PowerPoint features only for convenience - neither Microsoft nor Sedao can accept support calls or any liability related to using PowerPoint within ImageFlyer.

When I go to add a PowerPoint file, I see a disclaimer - why is this?

This is because Sedao are unable to offer full support for PowerPoint files as these are control files for the Microsoft PowerPoint application and using them within ImageFlyer uses your computers own installation of the Microsoft PowerPoint application and as this is a third party software application we are unable to control any aspects of its installation or development.

What type of PowerPoint files can ImageFlyer play?

ImageFlyer only plays PowerPoint files with a .ppt extension.  When saving your PowerPoint file please ensure you save it as a 97-2003 Presentation.

How do I add PowerPoint to my screen layout?

Bring up your control panel by pressing ‘Page Up’ on your keyboard and select PowerPoint from the ‘Add’ menu. When the disclaimer comes up read it then click ‘OK’. Now browse to your file and click ‘open’.  Finally click ‘Add this’ on your control panel. Your PowerPoint file should now appear on your screen.

Why does the PowerPoint file I added not appear on my screen?

You need to ensure that you have PowerPoint viewer 97 installed, NOT a full PowerPoint version. If you do not have this then you can use the link below to install it.

Why can I see parts of the PowerPoint program after I add a PowerPoint file to my presentation?

This is because you either have the full version of PowerPoint on your machine or you have had the full version installed at a previous time.  Versions of ImageFlyer from 4.1.9 onwards do not normally experience this problem.  If it does still persist, you can try removing the PowerPoint software.  Software removal is not always successful as some information may remain in your computer system’s registry.  In this case, please contact your IT administrator for additional assistance.

Why does the PowerPoint File I added stop playing?

When you create your PowerPoint file, you need to make sure that you configure automatic transitions between slides such that no user intervention is required to progress between frames or return to the first slide at the end of the presentation.  In addition, in some PowerPoint versions you need to ensure the presentation scales to fit the screen without displaying scroll bars.

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