Software Upgrades

Software Downloads

Please click the links below to download the latest release - ImageFlyer Cloud Master from our suite of digital signage creation and management software.

All other software is legacy software for existing LAN customers.

Contact our team for more information on new range of award winning solutions.

  • ImageFlyer Cloud Master

    ImageFlyer Cloud Master is the online version of our popular ImageFlyer software.

  • ImageFlyer

    The core of many Sedao digital signage systems is our class-beating creation and play-out software ImageFlyer. It contains everything you need to create, play and schedule fully featured digital signage layouts on a standard windows PC.

  • ImageFlyer Demo

    This demonstration is second to none. It includes dozens of examples to help you see what you can do with ImageFlyer and gain inspiration to the potential of digital signage.

  • BackgroundMaker

    To get the best from your digital signage application, you will probably also benefit from using Sedao’s Background Maker, which lets you create professional-looking screen backgrounds with the minimum of design or creative skill. Background Maker can also be used to create backgrounds for use with any other brand of digital signage software.

  • ContentPublisher

    Sedao ContentPublisher is an application that has been developed to enable you to easily synchronise presentations across multiple digital signage players on our network.