The most versatile digital signage design and playout software on the market.

Available for both Cloud and Local CMS solutions, ImageFlyer enables you to create multi-media digital presentations using a simple drag and drop interface.


Key Features

Powerful and feature rich, yet easy to use, ImageFlyer gives you complete control of your digital presentations from any Windows desktop.

Display all information simultaneously

From movies, animated images and web pages to PowerPoint slides, news feeds and PDFs. All can be displayed on a single digital signage display.

Dynamic Design

The clear and intuitive object orientated interface includes our Dynamic Design technology. This gives you the flexibility to choose, re-size and position zones from the extensive selection of multi-media options supported.


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powerful and simple interface


Add a Zone

Choose your media type and add as a zone. The zone begins playing instantly.


drag and drop

Resize zone and drag into position on your template.


Add another zone

Continue until your layout is complete and ready to be published on your screens.

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