Premium Features

Premium Plan

SedaoLive CLOUD offers Premium Plans with a variety of features designed specifically for users of multiple screen solutions.

Select from the four standard annual subscriptions or contact us for a tailored subscription package.

Premium Features

Key Features

These features are available when you select a SedaoLive CLOUD Premium Plan

Number of Players Storage Scheduling Looping Sub-user Editor Grouping
Up to 10 players 2GB
Up to 25 players 5GB
Up to 50 players 10GB
Up to 100 players 20GB
Calendar icon Scheduling

Publish the presentation/s you want to display when and on which screen in advance. Create schedules to change your presentation display daily, weekly or even monthly in advance. Choose a recurring period or a one of time and date.

Users icon Sub-user editors

Share the editing with colleagues. Invite multiple sub-user edit/update zones based on user permissions created by the account administrator. A sub-user will see and be able to edit only the zone they are permitted to edit.

Looping icon Looping

Loop any number of presentations to display on single or multiple screens. Create a seamless repeat of presentations daily, weekly or monthly.

Screens icon Grouping

Group multiple screens in any configuration to publish presentations, schedules or instant message simultaneously. Ideal for emergency messaging.

Book icon Library

Edit, upload and distribute multimedia from a single folder to multiple presentations at a click. Simply create a folder, add your images, text, RSS feeds or movies, then add to the relevant presentation/s. When you change the content of the folder, it will update across all the presentations instantly.