The Joy of Retail Digital Signage

The Joy of Retail Digital Signage

Digital signage in the retail environment can be a pleasure for both retailers and consumers.

Whether your store is a fashion hub, fast food venue or gym, digital signage is cost-effective, engages with your customers and best of all, can be very profitable.

The Joy of Retail Digital Signage

For a small up-front investment in hardware, retail digital signage solutions replace the ongoing costs of print and distribution of posters, menus and other advertising collateral which are often one-off promotions or at best seasonal meaning continual replacement and money going out the door.

With digital signage, changes to advertising content can be made immediately and can be based on demographics, special offer pricing or new item availability, all without the need for reprinting. This saves money and is also environmentally friendly which can enhance your brands ‘green’ reputation.

Solutions such as UK manufacturers’ Sedao Digital Signage cloud product SedaoLive enables users to edit content across multiple sites within minutes, thereby reducing labour time for staff involved in crating content, as well as freight costs to distribute.

Using digital signage to entertain your audience enables you to educate and inform in a dynamic engaging method that resonates with customers in a positive way. As customers absorb information
differently, the ability to use images, videos, text and social media offers a broader range of engagement sources.

Adding interactive features also improves engagement building brand loyalty. Think social media with customers at a fashion retailer taking #selfies and posting on Instagram when trying a new outfit, or a diner posting a @twitter image of their meal, or the afterwork crew getting sweaty at the gym posting a team picture on Facebook.

The ability to put themselves as customers onto your digital signage screen promotes buy in to your product by your audience and as it is also on their social media platform of choice, it helps build your
brands’ story organically.


A digital signage screen at point of sale offers retailers the ability to value add through upsell of products – advertise special offers, highlight combo packs or upgrades, promote tickets for upcoming events or display what is available in store.

SalonSense Media recently released research documents stating that 60 percent of buying decisions are made at point of sale and nearly 30 percent of customers find digital signage at point of sale influences their purchasing decision.

It’s time to take advantage and realise the joy of retail digital signage.