Navigating Return to Work with Technology

Navigating Return to Work with Technology

The workplace as we know it has changed.  Institutions, businesses and organisations need to navigate the ‘new norm’ and introduce effective measures that can be implemented now, yet be adaptable into the future

As one of the Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, Clevertouch led the way in adjusting to the new measures.  All employees who could, were deployed to work from home and use the company’s own STAGE technology alongside partner software solution ZOOM ROOMS for a seamless transition and continual collaboration.

Now, as the workplace begin to return to the ‘new norm’, it is time for technology manufacturers to step up and deliver products that will enable businesses to commence the return to work process while still keeping the flow of communication fluid.

One of the key issues to factor in will be ensuring the concerns of employees are addressed as people begin to leave their homes, which have been their sanctuary during this crisis, and return to workplaces that will be changed forever. 

In addition to STAGE, the Award-Winning Ecosystem which is a joint development between Clevertouch and Sedao Digital Signage has the ability to streamline communication functionality in the workspace.  

This selection of products focuses on communication and collaboration.  Both software technology that can minimise contact risk, ensures the broadcasting of messages is constant, and enable collaboration to continue regardless of location.

Navigating Return to Work with Technology

Digital Signage in reception, corridors and on your touchscreens in the meeting areas - SedaoLive CLOUD

To maximise the distribution of information, SedaoLive Cloud digital signage offers:

  • Cloud Platform to manage content display at single or multiple sites at any number of locations
  • Real time messaging and Live Streaming for instant updates
  • Virtual button messaging using personal devices to minimise sharing of equipment
  • Download our free return to work digital poster – designed for all signage and your Clevertouch touchscreens.

Play out your digital signage on Clevertouch Technologies Professional Displays

New to the market these large format displays offer features that make them suitable for staff or customer facing, meeting room functionality and standard screen display:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Wireless Display Connectivity
  • Active Standby or Power Control System Manageable

Updating your meeting spaces with our Zoom Rooms solution or UX PRO touchscreen 

To improve collaboration without the need for large numbers in a single meeting room, the Clevertouch UX PRO and Zoom Rooms solution panels offer:

  • Motion sensors are activated to reduce touch requirement – each screen fires up instantly on entry into the room
  • Collaborate with your Clevertouch screen on any device using the Clevershare app – whiteboard, present or meet
  • To reduce contamination and the spread of germs, our High Precision technology products are easily cleaned with antibacterial products
  • Assign a stylus to each user
  • Our High Precision technology enables users to wear disposable gloves whilst operating the screen. 

Make room booking simple with SedaoLive Rooms

A room booking solution that can be booked and viewed by the calendar to reduce the need for travel around the workspace.

With the ability to enhance safety within the office and classroom using the Ecosystem products, users can be confident when installing Clevertouch products that they reduce the risk of physically spreading germs, and minimising colleague anxiety making the return to work process more efficient.

With their product improvement development program, the Clevertouch team will continue to deliver products that will support institutes, businesses and organisations as they navigate the return to work process today, and build their future using the innovative technology of a Top 1000 Company.