Capture high street traffic with digital signage

Capture high street traffic with digital signage

Walking down any high street, there is a vast number of digital signage screens in retail windows which can result in an overload of digital noise.  Amongst all that digital noise are screens displaying content of no interest to the consumer demographics at that given time, or displaying the same content over and over again, or worse still, displaying distorted content from the use of unsuitable hardware and software.  Is it any wonder consumers are switching off and becoming immune to retail digital signage?

In a time when high streets are suffering and retailers need that passing trade to walk through the door, how can digital signage be used to enable retailers to stand out from the crowd?  

Capture high street traffic with digital signage

Firstly, ensuring the solution is appropriate for the location and situation.  Starting with the software platform, a cloud solution provides retailers with the ability to edit and upload content from any internet connected device.  There is no requirement to be on site or download and swap content via a USB stick, it is simply a matter of opening up the platform and making the changes remotely.

Moving on to the hardware, a commercial grade high bright anti-glare/anti-reflective screen is ideal for window viewing.  These screens are specifically designed to be fit for purpose and will ensure the content messaging is displayed to its full potential.

Next is the content.  All retail digital signage managers know content is king, so keeping it fresh, relevant and up to date is important.  Ensure the message suits the demographics walking by.  For example, displaying a message advertising toys at 3.30pm when the parents and children are passing by is more beneficial than displaying the same message at 2am when children are in bed.

Finally, and most importantly is satisfying the consumers’ needs and expectations.  The tech savvy consumer wants more, they want to experience the same engagement as they do online so giving the consumer choice, interaction and the ability to manage the display content themselves is becoming paramount.  


Gone are the standard touch screen concept which has been around for some time, welcome the new way to capture passing consumers and engage with them longer using innovative interactive features that can include the item of technology modern consumers are familiar with, their mobile phone.

We are not talking about Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we are talking about true engagement. The ability for consumers to manage what they see displaying on the screen within the retail store window. SedaoLive CLOUD, manufactured by UK based Sedao Digital Signage has a platform with features that empower customers to make their own selection of content using platform generated QR codes.

Yes, we’ve used QR codes before, but not like this. The SedaoLive CLOUD digital signage platform enables retail user to create and display presentations with QR codes within the content. These QR codes when scanned by the consumer passing by, in turn enables them to select from a range of videos, posters and images, exactly what displays out on the large screen.

For example, a consumer passing an estate agents can scan the QR code, select the image that corresponds with the property they want more information on, then all the details for that property are displayed on the screen. The information can be set to display for a certain duration then revert back to the full property list. This also enables the consumer to repeat the process on other properties.

This new interactive feature is set to ensure retailers have the capability to stand out from the crowded digital noise scene and capture high street traffic using window digital signage.